Decommissioned industrial sites, abandoned sanatoria and once-magnificent palaces are a welcome field of activity for Roland Krawulsky. »When I slip through a gap in a rotting fence or open a stiff, rusty door, I leave the noisy outside world behind me and I'm ready for contemplation«, he reports – and is fascinated by the charm of morbidity, revealed in peeling paint, rusty-brown interiors and shattered windows. A visit to the venerable British cemetery in Lisbon gave him a further defining photographic experience. »I soon realised that I am not alone in my interest in historic graves and cracked sculptures partly covered in lichen or moss.« The apparent paradox of love and death – Eros and Thanatos – particularly captivates Krawulsky at present. He converts his digital images in a highly individual into subtle monochromes or classic black. Roland Krawulsky lives and works today in a disused factory in the former industrial and working-class district of Leipzig-Lindenau. Deutsch