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Allergic to sunlight

Memento Mori XV

A female figure holds a florally decorated skull in her hands. Viewed from below against a dark stormy sky. Cimitero Comunale di Viareggio, Italy. Tomb Duilio Puccinelli.

Mourning Beauty XXV

A graceful, elegantly dressed young lady leans against a grave cross, her head bowed, a sad, thoughtful look on her face, her fingers crossed. Cimitero delle Porte Sante, Firenze, Italy.

Passage Blocked

A marble angel with a gentle face uses his hands and wings to block access to a dark brick cemetery crypt. Cimitero delle Porte Sante, Firenze, Italy. Monument of the painter Antonio Piatti.

The Wake at the Sepulchre

Erotic grave sculpture. Elegant lady with exposed breasts and gently flowing robe looks towards a slightly open door of a crypt. Cimitero Monumentale, Torino, Italy. Tomb Brondelli di Brondello.

Distinguished Lady III

Woman immersed in meditation. Sober elegance of facial features. Filigree lace dress. Bouquet with poppy flowers. Marble sculpture. Cimiterio Monumentale, Torino, Italy. Monument Antonietti-Zumaglini.

Sister… II

Two young women in antique clothing mourn a companion who died young. They hold their hands protectively over their heads. Cimiterio Monumentale, Torino, Italy. Tomb Amalia Porcheddu Dainesi.

Transition V

A male angel with a gentle expression comforts a female angel who covers her face with her right hand. Imposing wings. Rose petals. Cimiterio Monumentale, Torino, Italy. Tomb Family Poggia-Picatti.


A majestic female figure, with a hood and a long robe, stands in the rain and holds her hands protectively over a kneeling girl. Cimiterio Monumentale, Torino, Italy. Tomb Family Ossola.

Death & Sleep

Two female angels carrying trumpets, the allegories of death and sleep, stand with huge wings on a pedestal in front of a grave cross. Melatenfriedhof, Köln, Germany. Tomb Family Jos. Schwartz.

La Bella Durmiente II

Grave sculpture with a sleeping beautiful young woman with curly hair and flowers lying peacefully on pillow. Cementerio Municipal de San José, Granada, Spain. Panteón Family Mirasol.


Grave sculpture of an angel with lavishly designed wings, lost in thought, sensual soft face, morbid charm. Cementerio Municipal de San José, Granada, Spain. Panteon José María Rodríguez Acosta.


Sculpture of a lady in an antique robe lying on the steps below a grave cross, sleeping with a sorrowful face. Cementerio Municipal de San José, Granada, Spain. Panteon Family Puya Jiménez.

Solace VI

Grave sculpture of a lady with curly hair lying on a boulder, shoulder exposed, sleeping. Cementerio Municipal de San José, Granada, Spain. Pantheon Family Peso Blanco.

The Painter's Grave

A male angel with huge wings and a long trumpet sits in front of a grave cross and looks down, lost in thought. Nordfriedhof, Düsseldorf, Germany, Honorary grave Andreas Achenbach.

The Invitation

A female angel made of Carrara marble with huge wings stands completely naked in the entrance of a dark family crypt. Cementerio General, València, Spain, Pantheon Family Moroder.


A beautiful, graceful angel with huge wings floats down the steps in front of a mausoleum, her chest half-bare. Cementerio Sacramental de San Isidro, Madrid, Spain.

Grim Reaper XV

Sculpture of death, skull with sinister black eye sockets under hood, skeleton hand, gloomy night sky. Cimetière de la Chartreuse, Bordeaux, France.

Memento Mori XIV

Memento Mori XIV

Mourning Beauty XXIV

Sculpture of a grieving young woman with a cloth of tears leaning against a tombstone, fine facial features, delicate stone carving. Cimitero Monumentale del Verano, Roma, Italy.